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You already speak English? GREAT!!!!

Then you already master 60% of French language! Well… not 60% of the whole language but at least 60% of some French words. Indeed, a large part of English words have a French origin.

Cliché, rendez-vous, touché, déjà vu, voyage, juste, bric-à-brac, étiquette, à la mode, café, vis-à-vis, voilà, moustache, cordon bleu, billet doux, carte blanche… all those French words are in common use in English.

Easy French… some words are exactly the same in both languages  Train, table, sofa, stop… but have different pronunciations.

As an English person you know “telephone”, “sofa”, well… French also uses those words: téléphone, sofa

Bar, fuel, gentleman, interview, marketing.. are typical English words. They have a French origin too.  Bar ( from ancien French “bare”, “barre de tonneau” which means a barrel).  Gentleman ( Gentle comes from the French word “Gentil”, which used to refer to an aristocrat). Interview comes from the French word “entrevue”, which is not in use anymore in France when talking about a job interview. And for “Marketing”, the origin is explained by the French word “Marché”!

French or English? Maybe both!

Fun, parking, best-seller, best of, business, casting, club, chewing gum, fair-play, goal, marshmallow, pop corn, steak, baggage, serial killer, camping, has been… sounds English? All those words are in common use in French too.

Do you know what is a “has been”, in French?

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