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Join this course if you wish to learn the basics or if you wish to go further after a few years of Chinese learning.

SIMPLICITY – Chinese is simple – if you learn it at your pace, on a regular basis.  Whatever your level is, I will always allow you to practise a lot. Practice, practice, practice is the key element for learning any language.

ACTIVITIES – The lessons are based on learning practical topics. So whatever you will learn, it will always be applied to everyday life. Wether your goal is to enrich your vocabulary, learn key sentences, learn how to write in Chinese etc…we always do various activities so that you can put inpractice what you have just learnt.

YOUR ACCOUNT – You can revise your lessons when you like, with your children. When joinging the lessons, I create a personal account that enables you to revise everything done during each lesson. It includes a colorful course, an audio recording and exercises that you can easily download.

FLEXIBILITY – Whether you wish to takes lessons at a different day/time every week or you prefer to have the lessons on a set day and time, it’s all fine!

IN-PERSON LESSONS – The lessons take place in East London, in the Stratford, Ilford, Manor Park, Wanstead, Leytonstone. Some central areas such as Liverpool Street or Chancery Lane can also be covered on demand.

REMOTE COURSE – We do video-chat lessons via Skype. This is as simple as an in-person lesson: thanks to the “screen sharing” Skype tool, you will enjoy the lesson just like I would be with you: my screen become yours and you follow the lesson slides by slides while I am teaching you.


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