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“When traveling, the best thing is to get lost. When you are lost, plans give away to surprises, and it’s then —and only then— that the journey really begins.”

Nicolas Bouvier




Chinese is NOT a difficult language but DIFFERENT language.

How to master the 5 skills that enable you to get good habits in Chinese:

Read, watch, listen, speak as much as you can = you will need to come across a new word at least seven times before you memorize it forever. The more you read, the more chance you have to understand it.

Act like a baby = learning is all about imitating. When you hear someone saying something, repeat what he/she said straight away.  The tones and the pronunciation you have just heard is fresh in your memory and saying it right right after is the first step of memorization.

From listening to speaking = listening and speaking are two difference skills that use different parts of your brain. Repeating what you hear give you more chance to memorize new words.

Writing and memorizing = Hearing words, pronouncing them and seeing them use three different parts of your brain. When you write Chinese characters, you use the visual sense, but you don’t use it when you listen or when you speak. As Chinese characters are “visual words” or “visual ideas”, they are based more on visual memorization. Writing them every day will help you to memorize all of them.